Friday, December 18, 2015

DIYpsi recap

for the past several years i've cut down on the number of shows i do, and try to just do a couple around the holidays. and let me tell you - DUCF and DIYpsi are the whoppers! they are my people. my family. my hearts.

DIYpsi is the last show of the year for a lot of the vendors so it's a party and i absolutely love being around these people at this show. this year was no exception. it was held at the riverside arts center in ypsilanti again, but this year we took over the whole building! so it was maze of rooms filled with crafters, with perfectly lettered signs guiding you from room to room.

doing a show so close to home means many of my pals come visit! it's great fun seeing so many friends and family in one space enjoying the vibe.

i had the best time. hanging with my girl nicole of sloe gin fizz, the after party, the after-after party, selling a ton of stuff, drinking delicious craft cider and beer, vegan grub from shimmy shack, and oh so much freaking fun. a giant thank you goes to marcy, sherri and cre for pulling this show together twice a year. people LOVE this fun, little show and i'm thrilled be able to hang with y'all crazy peeps!

i am beyond happy that folks were into my new line of dang goods. i fell in love with printing on fabric this year and such positive feedback from shoppers and fellow artists is a great boost to keep exploring the medium.

thank you all SO much for your support in 2015. being the 10th anniversary of dang argyle it was a pretty big year in terms of change of spirit and i can't wait to get going in the new year.

Friday, December 11, 2015

DUCF recap

sigh. i don't know where to begin describing detroit urban craft fair. i'll try to keep it brief as there are just too many feels. this year marked the 10th anniversary of the detroit urban craft fair. it's also the 10th time that dang argyle has done this show, and the 10th year that dang argyle has existed. so there was a lot to celebrate! we've come a long way, baby!
photo  by doug coombe
the masonic temple was the perfect backdrop for the giant family of crafters that made up the vendor list. hugs and tears and happy thoughts filled the weekend. when i wasn't managing the crowd of 10,500 shoppers (!!) or chatting with my friends, i would get teary and my brain would drift off into thought. wow! what is this? what did we all help create? what would my life be like if handmade detroit hadn't hosted DUCF in august 2006? would this craft community have developed in the way that is has over the past decade if they hadn't worked their magic? perhaps, but not in the same way. detroit just gets it. we've all helped create this culture that is thirsty for going to annual events like DUCF and DIY street fair. not only is it a beautiful family of top-notch, super friendly vendors, but the shoppers too. it is those who walk around these fairs, nursing a beer and looking for their favorite crafter while discovering new ones along the way that have helped make this community what it is today. it's just magical! and i am elated to be a part of it and to have been a part of it for so long. it's been wonderful watching the entire community grow over time.

as for this DUCF - holy smokes! it featured record attendance, DJ dave lawson playing the best tunes, the lunch room serving delicioius vegan food, a friday night preview party, becoming a member of the ten year club, impromptu aisle dance parties, and a ton of laughs and good times with friends. i could not have asked for a better weekend. DUCF is always one of my favorite three weekends of the year.

thank you so much to handmade detroit's carey, bethany and amy for leading the charge this past decade and putting on another fantastic show! i am ever thankful to you for leading the crafty revolution with scissors and cupcakes in hand! (stephanie and lish, too.)

what will next year's DUCF bring? well, i'm sure they'll turn it up to eleven.