Monday, January 18, 2016

mulder, it's me

is anyone else super excited about the x-files reboot?! 6 days from new we'll have the start of 6 fresh episodes. i can't wait to see what the characters have been up to and who will return for this special! over the past several months i've gotten through many of the original 9 seasons, skipping episodes here and there. this week i am going to watch the 2008 film i want to believe and then maybe watch the lone gunmen series if the DVD i ordered arrives in time. GEEKED!!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

book pages: hip hop ya don't stop

i thoroughly enjoyed this book! the rap yearbook features the most important rap song from every year since 1979, discussed, debated and deconstructed! not to be confused with the "best" rap song each year, which the author denotes early on.

the text is funny and accessible, the illustrations and diagrams (yes, infographics!!!) offer witty sidebars and such great tidbits, and the foreword by ice-T is fab. i highly recommend this read.