Wednesday, May 25, 2016

miss moon

you know the moment when you discover a book and you see stars and feel all the warm-n-fuzzies as you flip through the book. miss moon: wise words from a dog governess by janet hill is just that kind of book. after i read it i hugged it and told everyone in the vicinity about it.

it's a children's picture book, but it's totally not just for kids. i feel that as an adult i get more of out if than a child.

oil paintings by author janet hill are the backdrop for lovely little life lessons. all from a dog governess!! talk about an amazing job.

lesson one: friends can come in many shapes and sizes.
lesson two: be true to your adventurous spirit.

it’s really quite sweet, and the whimsical nostalgia-inspired images illustrate such wisdom perfectly.

and BONUS: she has an etsy shop where you can purchase prints! from this book as well as her other works. sigh -- it is all so amazing and i can't wait to get this print on my wall.