Monday, August 22, 2016

stranger things

in mid-july during the weekend of my birthday i was watching a woody allen movie that was terrible and i couldn't finish watching it. i needed something to watch. then i quickly recalled that a friend mentioned something called stranger things both on instagram and on facebook, and how it just came out. that was the only mention of the show at that point. not knowing what it was (or how quickly it would take over my brain, your brain or the summer) i turned it on. BOOM. i ended up staying up way too  late watching "just one more episode." case closed. hands down one of the best new shows i've seen. 

i am a HUGE fan of what i call "little boy adventure films." you know, ET, stand by me, the outsiders, the goonies, big, etc. and being a child of the 80s there were plenty to go around. this show combined all the elements of 80s shows and books into one in a magical way that was made for me. and the music just sealed the deal. i've watched it twice now and look forward to another season. 

etc etc blah blah, go read all the articles on the interweb about it! 

Thursday, August 18, 2016