Friday, December 16, 2016

Winter DIYpsi

it was winter and there was a DIYpsi. this show is so much fun. it's often the last show for many crafters so things are care-free! it was great to sell alongside some of my favorite crafters. i just can't get enough of the fabulous people in this craft community. this show is near home so many of my local peeps come to shop and visit. DIYpsi was at riverside art center again, and it was great, despite the little blizzard we had on sunday. hooray! thanks for a fun holiday show season, y'all! XO

Thursday, December 08, 2016

the magical magic of DUCF

photo by doug coombe
what can i say about the detroit urban craft fair that hasn't already been said or felt so many times. this was the 11th year for the show, and the 11th time i've done it. the kickass ladies of handmade detroit know what the hell they are doing and i love them dearly for that and more. DUCF was the first show dang argyle did, all the way back in 2006, and the rest is history. i still talk to many of the crafters i met in 2006-2009. that's how strong this community of crafters is around detroit. this current DUCF did not fail to bring up so many emotions of gratitude and awe of all that we (yes, we) have helped to accomplish. this handmade thing. this movement. the popularity of craft fairs and handmade and making of all sorts.  

during this three-day show, the detroit ghostbusters showed up twice. i was super excited by this and had a blast watching them walk around, shoot their proton packs at the stay-puft marshmallow man, make crafts with kids, and spread general geekish merriment. so fun! 

a big thank you goes out to the shoppers, the vendors, the volunteers, and that stellar DJ dave lawson. i can't wait to see what year 12 brings.

xo, manz