Monday, July 24, 2017

summer show time!

poster designed by the amazing nicole ray of sloe gin fizz
you'll find dang argyle with some freshly printed goods at the DIYpsi summer festival coming up august 5-6! this show is always a blast, and i look forward to doing a warm-weather show for a change!

Monday, July 17, 2017

craft-a-way camp!

photo by amy cronkite
craft-a-way camp is one of my favorite weekends of the year. this was the 4th year for it and this year knocked it outta the park! the workshops were amazing, the people, the food, the pom poms!

amy and ethan of small craft do an amazing job of fostering creativity within a community. their passion is infectious. they've been doing it for years in various formats, and craft-a-way camp has become their 3rd child. and let me tell you, they are great parents! donned with new hand-crafted whistles, tie dye shirts and kick-ass truckers caps, they lead the way and kept us on track and off track in the most unbelievable way possible. we have created a wonderful crew of campers who share that age-old camp bond that sticks with you forever. make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver, the other gold.

this was my 4th time going to camp and my first year teaching a workshop. i taught sashiko embroidery to 28 eager campers, and it was fun. when teaching anything its always great to see how students interpret the skill and add their own flair to it. (austin's garfield! katie's big dipper!)

for two straight days we crafted away, opting to snack along the way rather than break for meals. workshops were also lead by amy cronkite, marcy davy, katie bramlage, katie whitehouse, and val willer. we screen printed a pre-tie-dyed shirt, made sun printed candles, faux feathers, ceramic talismans, morse code necklaces, a bonus ceramic necklace, and pom pom hangings.

crafting by day
crafting by night
we crafted, laughed, and enjoyed a vegan potluck. we wrapped yarn balls in a self-created lounge with handmade twig chandeliers, crafted in the dark til midnight, had a sweet campfire sing-a-long (feat. Violin, guitar, keyboard!) to some madonna, prince and bowie. we ran with sparklers, did yoga, and we gave each other some sincere looks.

it was blissful and amazing beyond words. and have i mentioned how the weather was perfect? it was.

read these amazing words if you want to read the official camp recap by small craft and then cry your eyes out like i did.