Sunday, December 31, 2017

holiday craft fairs!

winter craft fairs have come and gone! as have the holidays. the past few months have been a whirlwind! i'm still catching up around here. i had an amazing time at DUCF and DIYpsi this year, as always. i'm telling you, the folks that make up the midwest craft scene are the all-around best, and every year i ask myself, "how do i get to know these people?" because it's an absolute privilege to be included in this basket with these amazing human beings. i'm close friends with many of these makers and see several year-round. but at these winter shows, it's like a family reunion where you get to see and high five and drink beers with all the rest that come from all over to peddle crafts in a basement or in the largest masonic temple in the world. these are my people. there is a magic in the air as we're slap-happy and exhausted, slanging crafts, making jokes, and covering each others tables as we try to run to the bathroom.

i'm currently smiling ear to ear with tears in my eyes thinking about everything. dang argyle isn't my main job. i do this for fun, and to be in this amazing community, and for the creative outlet. sure, it's hard to do it all, but i wouldn't change anything. i just did my 12th DUCF -- that's crazy! how have i been doing this this long? it's pretty much all i know at this point.

in 2018 i look forward to plenty more of this craft life, which includes attending my first midwest craft con, crafty sleepovers, craft-a-way camp, kayaking excursions, brunches, and another year of no sleep til DUCF.