Thursday, May 17, 2018

no sleep til bowie

a few weeks ago i voyaged to brooklyn to visit the david bowie is exhibition at the brooklyn museum, and i was completely blown away! i've been to new york more times than i can count, but it was my first time in brooklyn, and not just walking the brooklyn bridge. we went for bowie. we saw bowie. we died a bit. we did nothing else in the museum except for this and it took us three hours to see it all. it was very overwhelming and wonderful. i loved brooklyn and would definitely visit again. 
it was a beautiful museum all over
no photos in the exhibit. on the other side of that orange wall was three house of MAGIC.
don't even call it art
of course i HAD to find some biggie murals. so cool!
hello cuteness! we ate delicious food in the backyard garden here.
fist pumps for pom-poms! this made me think of my craft camp family.
we ate our way through brooklyn, and it was no problem find vegan food, but this place was the highlight!
even found a scully AND a mulder sandwich! of course i had the vegan scully, and it was great!